Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So, I think I've been on Sabbatical from blogging. I often think of posts to write I just never make it on to the computer to write and publish a post. Yet it nags at the back of my mind to stop making excuses. (the excuses I make for not blogging are the same I make for not writing in a journal. I'm not a great personal history keeper.)

I was looking through my photos on my phone and saw so many pictures of events that I could have blogged about. So I thought "maybe they have a blogger app. I would totally post more often if I had that." So, that is why you find me here today, because I'm writing this on my phone. (thank heaven for iPhones.) This leads me to an obvious yet necessary confession: I'm addicted to my phone.

There, I said it. Now that that's over I will tell a little story. (I'm not going to do any back blogging and try to fill in the last 7 months of my life. Suffice it to say, I've been busy with school.) So, tonight I am going to a Pi(e) party and I have made a pie. A peanutty ice cream pie. Mmmm, the filling tastes kind of like peanut butter m&ms. I'm excited about it. I'll let you know how it tastes.

In other news: Spring is here! You know how I know? My garden is starting to bloom. Last fall I tackled the flower bed outside of my condo and trimmed, fought with MANY snails
, and planted some bulbs for to bloom this Spring. The crocuses have started to bloom already and the tulips are just popping out of the dirt. :) this brings me joy.

Over Grown, yet still beautiful, Garden last October.

Trimmed back garden. (It took me about 5-7 hours total to do all this. Those were really tall flowers, some almost 6 feet tall. Hollyhocks if I remember right)

My crocuses beginning to bud!!

There will be tulips here soon! :)

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Sarah*MK said...

pretty pritty flowers ;p (yes I mispelled pretty on purpose the second time)
so excited you're going to post from your phone now :)
<3 it!