Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So, I think I've been on Sabbatical from blogging. I often think of posts to write I just never make it on to the computer to write and publish a post. Yet it nags at the back of my mind to stop making excuses. (the excuses I make for not blogging are the same I make for not writing in a journal. I'm not a great personal history keeper.)

I was looking through my photos on my phone and saw so many pictures of events that I could have blogged about. So I thought "maybe they have a blogger app. I would totally post more often if I had that." So, that is why you find me here today, because I'm writing this on my phone. (thank heaven for iPhones.) This leads me to an obvious yet necessary confession: I'm addicted to my phone.

There, I said it. Now that that's over I will tell a little story. (I'm not going to do any back blogging and try to fill in the last 7 months of my life. Suffice it to say, I've been busy with school.) So, tonight I am going to a Pi(e) party and I have made a pie. A peanutty ice cream pie. Mmmm, the filling tastes kind of like peanut butter m&ms. I'm excited about it. I'll let you know how it tastes.

In other news: Spring is here! You know how I know? My garden is starting to bloom. Last fall I tackled the flower bed outside of my condo and trimmed, fought with MANY snails
, and planted some bulbs for to bloom this Spring. The crocuses have started to bloom already and the tulips are just popping out of the dirt. :) this brings me joy.

Over Grown, yet still beautiful, Garden last October.

Trimmed back garden. (It took me about 5-7 hours total to do all this. Those were really tall flowers, some almost 6 feet tall. Hollyhocks if I remember right)

My crocuses beginning to bud!!

There will be tulips here soon! :)

Friday, July 29, 2011


I am moving. THIS week!! I am so beyond excited. This is a little condo that I will be sharing with two roommates. We will each have our own room. It is in north Orem and I can walk to the bus stop or Subway or the grocery store. I will also have laundry in the apartment! It's 5 minutes closer to school than before. But I may start riding the 862 bus again to get to school. I believe in going green. I even have reusable grocery bags (that I usually remember to bring to the store.) Did I mention I'll have my own room? ahh, bliss. Here are some pictures that came from the landlord (who, by the way, is SUPER nice and friendly. They have like 6 kids, who are cute, and are really kind.) when they posted the add for the place. Next week I'll have to post more, with my things in the place. It will be a while, getting some furniture and such, but I'm ok to wait. I've waited a long time to get out of student housing and can wait to make it nice little by little. Enjoy!

The bathroom!

My bedroom!!! All to myself.

The living room. (Furniture not included.)
(Child not included.)
And the pretty kitchen!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I love my coworkers!!!!

I work at UVU Library and I have the most wonderfully refreshing job! My coworkers are just wow! Especially Trevor Jay Morris! His mom is right when she says he is wonderful. I think I will buy everyone in the library dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets! and chicken balls from Iggy's. hmmmmm yum yum.

Friday, June 17, 2011

crasy recital preparations

I am feeling a little frazzled these days. This is not especially abnormal for me. But it is for the summer time. sheesh!

I have a sinus infection. Perfect timing right? a week before my dress rehearsal, meaning 3 weeks before my recital!!! So annoying. This is the 5th time I've been on antibiotics since February!!!! I'm starting to worry. Oh, well, I'll worry about that in due time. I am just trying to get all my songs memorized and ready for next Thursday, when I will sing in front of my teachers and they will tell me If they think I will be ready for my recital two weeks following. I have a lot to do in the next 6 days, and I feel...not so great.

Things are good though. I need to post on some other things. I have some photos waiting. So, Maybe this Sunday I will find some time.

Come to my recital if you want!! I'd love to see you there!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Can I be a kid again?

Sometimes... I get sick of adult worries and woes. Well, a lot of the time. I'm sick of not having the money I had expected, and of barely making it to the next paycheck. And I mean BARELY. And I'm tired of being so busy. I'm tired of having to make adult choices.

I wish I could be a kid again. When I was a child I played house. That's all I ever did. It was either that or "teacher". I was taking care of and or teaching children in my play-time.

I have discovered about myself recently that much of my frustration lies in the fact that these childhood dreams are inaccessible to me. Have I already mentioned this recently? ah oh well.

So, I am trying to be happy. Trust in the Lord and his timing. And play.

I find joy in being with and talking to my friends. I love reading on my bed and then falling asleep for an afternoon nap. I love mischievously sneaking up on people and squirting my water pistol at them. bahaha! I love sitting in the sunshine. I love dreaming about a future where I can one day be a mom and play with my children. And read books to them. And sing to them. ( shhh. I know that being a mom isn't all happy every moment. I have friends with kids. I hear about it. but lets not crush my dreams at the moment.)

I don't play enough. I forget to be childlike and I forget to always include the Lord. So, here's to hoping I can be a little more childlike and faithfully trusting and not so jaded and frustrated with life. Good luck to me. And to you.

Obviously I had no cares as a child. May I allow my kids to have the same kind of childhood.

Monday, May 23, 2011

rainy car

So, I own a car. This is what my car looks like. (But without the palm trees, as I do not live in CA.) I actually paid it off last month. I received the title in the mail. It was a very adult moment for me. It made me happy.

I sometimes refer to this car as Betsy. Or Bessie. Depending on how the mood strikes me. I have a hippo on the front dash. It's a good conversational piece when I give rides to people I don't know very well.

As I have had this car for 2 years I have learned some things about owning a car (especially not a new one.).
1. You will get better gas mileage if you get an oil change regularly. Also, it's important to check your fluids regularly.
2. A/C is optional. And expensive to fix.
3. It's expensive to be responsible for a car.
4. How to change the blinker lights
5. It's probably wise if you check your tire pressure regularly.
6. Being a single gal, it's really helpful to have roadside assistance. I have used them many, many times.
7. When a car battery is defective, it doesn't like the cold and will refuse to start early in the cold mornings. Prayers needed in these cases.
8. If you leave the hood up of your engine, people, especially men, will ask if you need help. :)
9. If you have acid corrosion on your battery heads you can pour a baking soda and water mixture on them to wash it away.
10. If you clean the outside of your windows and still feel like they are dirty, try washing the inside. Those get dirty too.

My latest adventure with my car is that there is some kind of problem with the seal on the rear right side passenger's door (I once had a hypothesis that it was a rusty bottom of my car). No big deal. Until it starts to rain buckets, like it has the last couple weeks. A few days ago I got in my car and thought "It smells really wet, dirty, and gross in here." Solution: Roll down the windows. And just for good measure I looked in the back and saw a puddle (literally a small pool.) not just damp carpet on the backseat floor. I sighed and drove off to my destination.

Yesterday I came home from church and couldn't handle it anymore, and fearing mold, (As I knew the carpet had been wet for several days by now.) I grabbed the "car rags" I have in my trunk and started to soak up the water, ring it out, and then soak it up again. There was so much WATER!! I would say at least 3 cups, probably more. After I felt like I had gotten as much as I could, I rolled the windows down and (accidentally left the keys on the seat!!) left the mat and rags to dry, as it was a beautiful sunny afternoon.

At about 7:30, clouds were rolling in and I went out and rolled up the windows (found my keys!!! scolded myself for my forgetfulness and felt grateful to live in Provo.) and put the dry mat and rags back in the car. The floor was only slightly dry-er. But no puddle. I was satisfied.

Then it started to rain.

This morning, after said rain, I got in my car.
Puddle has returned. Rusty bottom of car hypothesis gone. Seal of door suspicions confirmed. NOW WHAT?!

Anyone know how to fix that? Before I have a new life form growing in the back of my car...

Anyway, I hope you are having a great day.

"Life can be delish with a sunny disposish"

Monday, May 16, 2011

let me esplain...

No there is too much. Let me sum-up

The last 16 months = the worst time of my life. no joke.

BUT, as I am getting out of this I am learning things.

I am optimistic. Because despite how hard last semester was, I got all A's and B's!! I am proud of myself. And I plan to continue this triumphant-ness for the rest of my college experience. 4 more semesters. Woot.

I had plans to move out of stadium terrace with my, current and awesome, roommate Jamie. That has fallen through and really seems to not have been the right thing. While I am disappointed in the non-move, I have been pleased with changes in the ward and am feeling more a part of the people there and am ok to stay for this summer. But, I'm still looking for a different place for the Fall. I need to have my own room!!!! I can't handle it anymore. And please not 6 roommates anymore!! eesh! I have had over 30 roommates in my life. That's a lot. All of whom I have loved. It was roommates who got me to first blog. :) (Thanks Rebecca. ) At least I know that I have a lot of people I could refer a future husband to if he wants to ask people what I am like to live with. baha... jk I won't be doing that.

Just in case you were wondering, I am not dating anyone. Though I do have hope. Which has been a struggle to hold on to in the last year. But it's getting stronger and more constant again. which is nice. I thank my Heavenly Father for that.

I am still working at the library. I love my job. Lots. It has been awesome.

LDC ended for me 10 days ago. This is bitter sweet. I will have to post more on that when I am not at work...shhh.

Meanwhile, I have a good semester coming up. I am going to work as a chaperone for my Aunt's prestigious Opera Workshop this summer. I'm excited!! especially for the money. That is honestly my main excitement at the moment. But it will be good to be around such talented young people for 3 weeks in July. Also, I am planning my Junior Recital for July 9th. Lots of hard work but it's going to be great. I will remind people as it gets closer. But it's got some great music (a harp will be accompanying me for some of it!).

Anyway, I should end this. I was just reading blogs this morning and felt a need to revive my blogging self again. Peace to you. Have a fabulous day. The weather is getting so nice!!!